About building SMART Japan

Establishment Aim

buildingSMART aims to develop data sharing and interoperability within the construction industry, by formulating IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) standards internationally. IFC has become an International Standard ISO (16739:2013) since 2013.

Currently, buildingSMART has 18 international chapters including Japan, where this Japan chapter is buildingSMART Japan.

The inability to solve data sharing in software interoperability is posing several problems in improving efficiencies of production. This causes inefficiencies in building lifecycle, being design, construction, and maintenance management. Many consultants face the same problems in their work, having to repeatedly add and search for information. Unnecessary work is rampant even while being in the high information society era.

In 1995, 12 companies facing these problems showcased prototype applications to prove interoperability at the A/E/C systems show in Atlanta, Georgia, inviting members of the construction industry to participate in this endeavor. The international IAI (International Alliance for Interoperability, currently buildingSMART International) was born in this way. IAI Japan Chapter (buildingSMART Japan) was founded half a year later in 1996.

Aims and policies

 As from the above, buildingSMART Japan works to enable interoperability through data sharing in the building lifecycle. Developing higher levels of information with computing, aiming to create standards, allowing data sharing between software and applications are the aims of our work.

We aim to define data sharing specifications of each software and application, promoting its use and public understanding.

buildingSMART Japan’s main activities

  • Management Committee
  • Operation Committee
  • Technology Integration Committee
  • Holding each committee and subcommittees
  • Participating in international conferences
  • Participating in the International Technology Integration Committee
  • Holding seminars
  • Holding Build Live
  • Publishing newsletters
  • Publishing email newsletters
  • Publishing information on website
  • Implementing IFC Qualification etc.