About MVD

MVD (Model View Definition) is a document recording how to use IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) in the data coordination process.
It is built upon data coordination requirements defined in the IDM (Information Delivery Manual) by units called MVD concept defined by IFC data coordination specifications. It becomes the main information used when software developers integrate data coordination specifications for IFC data importing and exporting.


IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)

IFC defines 3D building information model data structure and file formats according to international standards of BIM data formulated by buildingSMART.
※IFC4 has received verification for International Standard ISO (ISO 16739:2014) in 2013/3/21.

The main information defined by IFC are as below.

  • Project related information
  • Space structures (Site, building, floors, rooms, zones)
  • Building elements (Walls, doors, windows, roofs, stairs…)
  • MEP elements (Air conditioning, electricity, sanitary equipment, conveyance systems…)
  • Structural elements (Foundations, structural steel, reinforcements, analysis models…)
  • Quantity information (Length, area, volume…)
  • Material information (Finishes, layer information…)
  • Geometry information (2D, 3D, Solid models…)
  • 4D, 5D Information (Tasks, schedules, cost, resources)
  • Actors (People, organizations, addresses…)
  • Instructions (Design changes, purchasing instructions, movements…)
  • Asset ledgers, stock
  • Maintenance history, configuration management
  • Annotation information (Grids, 2D Symbols…)
  • Classification codes (storing codes such as DIN, BS, JIS)
  • External libraries, text (URL, URI)

What is IDM (Information Delivery Manual)

It is a document defining processes and information coherently of use cases set in BIM data coordination scenarios.
It is structured from PM (Process Map) and ER (Exchange Requirements). It is defined by expressing aspects such as requirement analysis related to BIM data coordination, process maps of data flow analysis, and ER (Exchange Requirements). PM expresses how information is being communicated from who to who, and ER defines the content of the information. The document is created mainly from the point of view and analysis of the end user.

Structure of IFC data coordination with IDM/MVD



MVD Definition Summary (IFC2x3)

MEP Model View Definition 2014


Reference ID MVD_BS-Mode-View_2014 Version 1.0
Update 2014/11/26
Creater IFC Qualification Committee
Organization IAI Japan(formerly)


3D Geometry, attributes, property set model view definitions of MEP objects (diffusers, ducts, piping, electricity cable racks etc.) for use in BIM data coordination.

  • IFC space structure definition (Project information, site, building, building floors etc.), geometry information, MEP object IFC object types conform to Coordination View2.0 (CV2.0) subset.
  • MEP object property sets conform to MEP IFC usage standard 1.0 (IAI Japan(formerly)MEP subcommittee)

Example of MEP object

Relationship between model view definition 2014 and CV2.0

BIM data coordination scenario

MEP object modelled in MEP BIM software can be coordinated with other BIM software of different disciplines.

  • Example 1: MEP BIM software to IFC Viewer
  • Example 2: MEP BIM software to Architectural Design BIM Software
  • Example 3: MEP BIM software to Model Checker

Software certiified by CV2.0 can do the below if IFC data conforms to MVD.

  • Space structure definitions (building levels) can be checked
  • MEP objects can be checked as CV2.0 IFC object types
  • Geometry data can be correctly imported (by displaying or converting to internal object)
  • Can check property set of MEP object

By using MEP IFC standardized property set information, parametric geometry information can be communicated between MEP BIM software.

MVD main object types

Model Elements IFC Object Notes
Project IfcProject Required
Site IfcSite Optional
Building IfcBuilding Optional
Building Storey IfcBuildingStorey Required
Flow control object (dampers) IfcFlowController Required
Flow control object (elbows) IfcFlowFitting Required
Flow control object (ducts) IfcFlowSegment Required
Flow control object (diffusers) IfcFlowTerminal Required
Flow control object (filters) IfcFlowTreatmentDevice Required

MVD Diagram

MVD Concept Diagram ID MVD Concept Diagram Name
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcProject Basic Project Information
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcSite Site Object
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcBuilding Building Object
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcBuildingStorey Building Storey Object
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowController Flow Control Object
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowFitting Flow Control Object
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowSegment Flow Control Object
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowTerminal Flow Control Object
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowTreatmentDevice Flow Control Object

MVD Concept

MVD Concept ID MVD Concept Diagram Name
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcProject-Attributes Project Object: Attribute Definition
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcProject_LongName Project Object: Name Definition
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcProject_RepresentationContexts Project Object: Model Representation Format Information
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcGeometricRepresentationContext-3D 3D Model Representation Format Information
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcProject_UnitsInContext Project Object: Unit Type Information
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcProject_UnitsInContext-Metric Project Object: Unit Type Information: SI Units
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcRoot_GlobalId Object: Identifier
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcRoot_GlobalId Object: Version history
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcRoot_Name Object: Name
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-SpatialStructure Spatial Structure
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-SpatialStructure-Project-Site Spatial Structure: Project and Site
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-SpatialStructure-Project-Building Spatial Structure: Project and Building
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-SpatialStructure-Site-Building Spatial Structure: Site and Building
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-SpatialStructure-Building-BuildingStorey Spatial Structure: Building and Storey
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-SpatialContainment-BuildingStorey Spatial relations: Building Levels and Building Elements
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcSite-Attributes Site Object: Attributes
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcSite_ObjectPlacement Site Object: Object Placement
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcBuilding-Attributes Building Object: Attributes
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcBuilding_ObjectPlacement Building Object: Object Placement
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcBuildingStorey-Attributes Building Storey Object: Attributes
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcBuildingStorey_ObjectPlacement Building Storey Object: Object Placement
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcBuildingStorey_Elevation Building Storey Object: Height
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowController-Attributes Flow Control Object: Attributes
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowController_ObjectPlacement Flow Control Object: Object Placement
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowController_Representation Flow Control Object: Geometry
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowController-PropertySet Flow Control Object: Property Set
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowController_Pset_BS_2014 Property Set: Flow Control: MEP Model View 2014
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowFitting-Attributes Flow Fitting Object: Attributes
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowFitting_ObjectPlacement Flow Fitting Object: Object Placement
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowFitting_Representation Flow Fitting Object: Geometry
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowFitting-PropertySet Flow Fitting Object: Property Set
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowFitting_Pset_BS_2014 Property Set: Flow Fitting: MEP Model View 2014
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowSegment-Attributes Flow Segment Object: Attributes
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowSegment_ObjectPlacement Flow Segment Object: Object Placement
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowSegment_Representation Flow Segment Object: Geometry
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowSegment-PropertySet Flow Segment Object: Property Set
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowSegment_Pset_BS_2014 Property Set: Flow Segment: MEP Model View 2014
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowTerminal-Attributes Flow Terminal Object: Attributes
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowTerminal_ObjectPlacement Flow Terminal Object: Object Placement
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowTerminal_Representation Flow Terminal Object: Geometry
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowTerminal-PropertySet Flow Terminal Object: Property Set
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowTerminal_Pset_BS_2014 Property Set: Flow Terminal: MEP Model View 2014
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowTreatmentDevice-Attributes Flow Treatment Object: Attributes
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowTreatmentDevice_ObjectPlacement Flow Treatment Object: Object Placement
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowTreatmentDevice_Representation Flow Treatment Object: Geometry
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowTreatmentDevice-PropertySet Flow Treatment Object: Property Set
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-IfcFlowTreatmentDevice-Pset_BS-MVD-2014 Property Set: Flow Treatment: MEP Model View 2014
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-Geometry-Body-BrepWithNoVoids Geometry:Body-BrepWithNoVoids
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-Geometry-Body-SurfaceModel-FaceBased Geometry:Body-SurfaceModel-FaceBased
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-Geometry-Body-SurfaceModel-ShellBased Geometry:Body-SurfaceModel-ShellBased
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-Geometry-Body-SweptSolid-Extruded-ArbitraryClosedProfileDef Geometry:Body-SweptSolid-Extruded-ArbitraryClosedProfileDef
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-Geometry-Body-SweptSolid-Extruded-CircleProfileDef Geometry:Body-SweptSolid-Extruded-CircleProfileDef
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-Geometry-Body-SweptSolid-Extruded-EllipseProfileDef Geometry:Body-SweptSolid-Extruded-EllipseProfileDef
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-Geometry-Body-SweptSolid-Extruded-RectangleProfileDef Geometry:Body-SweptSolid-Extruded-RectangleProfileDef
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-Geometry-Body-SweptSolid-Revolved-ArbitraryClosedProfileDef Geometry:Body-SweptSolid-Revolved-ArbitraryClosedProfileDef
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-Geometry-Body-SweptSolid-Revolved-CircleProfileDef Geometry:Body-SweptSolid-Revolved-CircleProfileDef
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-Geometry-Body-SweptSolid-Revolved-EllipseProfileDef Geometry:Body-SweptSolid-Revolved-EllipseProfileDef
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-Geometry-Body-SweptSolid-Reveolved-RectangleProfileDef Geometry:Body-SweptSolid-Revolved-RectangleProfileDef
MVD00-01-IFC2X3-Geometry-MappedRepresentation-3D Geometry:MappedRepresentation-3D