Operating Purpose

Promotes the use of BIM from the first design stages to production in structural design. Also supports the use of BIM between other disciplines in construction related to structural design.


Operating Aims

・Popularize the use of IFC in the structural engineering industry

・Development and deployment of ST-Bridge in the structural engineering industry

・Sharing of information domestically in the structural engineering and construction disciplines

・Collecting information on BIM and ICT for the structural engineering industry


Consulting for the use of IFC Qualification in the structural steel industry. Also, establishes the domestic standard specification “ST-Bridge” centered around integrated structural calculation programs for sharing structural design data which is difficult to achieve with only IFC, embedding into related software and promoting its usage.


Specific Operating Topics

ST Bridge is the standardized format for data sharing in Japan’s structural engineering industry.

  • Simpler to use than IFC due to the clearly defined the range of use
  • Integrate Japanese original methods of drawing methodology
     (Grids, part placement and section annotations, reinforcement information)
  • Aim for coordination between domestic structural applications, building skeleton surveying applications, 3D Object CAD

【ST-Bridge / IFC relation】

Download Documentation

May 1, 2018 「BIM Data interoperability map 2018」

BIM Data interoperability map[267KB]>> BIM Data interoperability map 2018.pdf

Oct 30, 2017 「ST-Bridge Viewer」

StbViewer 3.0改[1007KB]>> StbViewer_3.0改.zip

May 11, 2017 「BIM Data interoperability map 2017」

BIM Data interoperability map[385KB] >> 20170511_st.pdf

Apr 22, 2016 「BIM Data interoperability map 2016」

BIM Data interoperability map[180KB] >> 20160421_st.pdf

Jun 3, 2015 「BIM Data interoperability map 2015」

BIM Data interoperability map[179KB]  >> 20150603_st1.pdf
BIM Data interoperability map[1,492KB] >>20150603_st2.pdf

May 16, 2014 「Technical Seminar」

IFC Compatibility Inspection [7.3MB] >> 20140516_seminar.pdf

Aug 26, 2010 「Subcommittee Technical Seminar」

ST-Bridge development [766KB] >> 20100826_seminar_2.pdf

Sprt 19~21, 2001
「A/E/C SYSTEMS JAPAN 2001」 Special exhibition stage

Standardization of design data in reinforced concrete ~Engaging in world standardization~ [4,101KB]
>> AEC2001_0920_1.pdf