Prospects of the Architecture Committee

The Architecture committee has the below 5 subcommittees, aiming to promote the use of BIM in Japan.
1.Architectural Design Subcommittee
2.Structural Design Subcommittee
3.MEP and Environment Subcommittee
4.Construction Subcommittee
5.Guideline Subcommittee
In our construction industry, while the labor productivity of all industries is increasing, our production levels are decreasing. In the March 2015 report, “Long term vision of the construction industry” published by the Japan Federation of Construction Contractors, it is apparent that from the 343 million technical laborers currently working, in the next 10 years 128 million will retire due to old age, and by 2025 to cover the losses due to this will have to gain 900,000 new workers. To cover for the still missing 35,000 workers, we will have to increase productivity through labor-saving efforts, where the use of BIM and allowing data sharing through IFC will become of utmost importance.
As the Japan chapter of building SMART International (bSI), where not only construction disciplines (general contractors, large architectural firms) but also makers and IT vendors operate, the most central operations are the responsibility of the Architecture Committee.
Until now, while ICT usage is being progressed by design/construction stage drawing data files being bid electronically, the largest problem is that construction information infrastructure for the building lifecycle has not been developed thoroughly enough. Through the efforts of bSI and bSJ, many of these different consultants organize the complex problems of incoherent data and the unclear copyrights due to the division of labor to remove inefficiencies in data sharing to increase productivity over the entire process. This representative standard is IFC (Industry Foundation Classes: currently IFC4.0).
bSJ operates on all industries, regardless of size, so welcomes the promotion of IFC through the participation of many people.