Operating Purpose

Holds the architecture competition Build Live which runs for 2-4 days with an electronic submission which uses ICT over the internet aiming to promote the use of BIM and IFC. Build Live uses an existing site (except the first time) to set an imaginary project, where a wide range of people are invited to participate in the competition. Build Live’s participating members will be judged in innovation and excellence in utilization of BIM tools, and correct usage of IFC.


Operating Aims

  • Provides an opportunity for participants to investigate and demonstrate 3D object modelling processes, using networked data sharing and analysis tools.
  • Gives exposure to BIM events being held world-wide, spreading awareness of the events and offering help from Japan.
  • Provides a place for BIM software to be studied, while also collecting IFC compatible software and testing them.
  • Understanding how to develop BIM in Japan (Japanese BIM), and deploying this knowledge.


  • The first Build Live was held in February 2009, and 2016 marked the 9th time it was run.
  • 94 teams have participated until 2016.
  • There have been a wide range of participants ranging from practitioners, and centered around students, high-school students and students from industries other than architecture have participated.

About Build Live

Build live is a participatory and experiential event engaging in architecture projects to be completed in a limited time-frame of 48 hours.
It aims to utilize advanced IT outcomes such as the internet and 3D-CAD in architecture projects for participants to experience processes which are beyond common practices.
In the events such as BIM Storm and Build Live held up until now, designers have been engaging in new processes and displaying possibilities of new outlooks in architecture projects.

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