Operating Purpose

IFC Qualification operates to improve precision of IFC data sharing and promote the use of IFC domestically, by using the International IFC Certification as a base framework by stipulating technical specifications of IFC Data sharing allowing software users and developers to objectively evaluate IFC data sharing technical content.

Operating Aims

Operations related to IFC Qualification as below:

  • Confirming and qualifying areas of IFC Qualification
  • Preparing manuals and qualification model data for IFC Qualification
  • Appointing IFC Qualification workgroup members
  • Conducting, supervising and mediating IFC Qualification
  • Publishing results from IFC Qualification


The IFC Qualification subcommittee is formed of each subcommittee’s leaders, establishing BIM data sharing scenarios, IDM (Information Delivery Manual), MVD (Model View Definition) etc. subject to IFC Qualification which is formulated by cooperation between subcommittees and workgroups etc., to promote IFC Qualification implementation through planning and acceptance decisions of IFC Qualification.