Operating purpose

Cooperate with buildingSMART international and others for domestic and international BIM operations, understanding and adjusting for technical problems to do with BIM, and structuring workgroups and taskforces for problem solving.

Operating Structure

Heads from each subcommittee, vice-heads, workgroup leaders, members nominated by head of committees for each agenda.

Prospects for the Technology Integration Committee

The Technology Integration Committee consolidates the operations of the IFC Qualification Subcommittee, Implementation Subcommittee, Build Live Subcommittee for the dissemination of BIM through IFC. Furthermore, by cooperating with the Architecture Committee, Civil Engineering committee and their individual subcommittees, structures workgroups and taskforces for solving technical problems to do with BIM. These operations are coordinated across domestic and international BIM related organizations.
buildingSMART International’s operations are the cooperation between the bSI summit, international board meetings, and increasing connections between bSI’s individual Rooms, workgroup operations and domestic operations, to communicate results from Japan globally.

Technical Problem Solving

  • Understand Technical problems of each committee and subcommittees
  • Create and adjust technical problem investigation structures
  • Decide standards for Open BIM (IFC, IDM, MVD)
  • Support implementation of Open BIM standards
  • Improving and expanding IFC Qualification

New territory technology development

  • IFC Cloud API Technology
  • BIM & IoT, ICT, AI
  • BIM & Smart City
  • BIM Object Library, bSDD(buidingSMART Data Dictionary)

bSI cooperation

  • Standard Committee cooperation: Polling/ New project suggestions
  • Room Operation:Infrastructure, Construction, Regulatory, Product, Tech, Airport, etc.
  • ISG(Implementation Support Group): International Software implementation support group
  • IFC Certification (IFC4):International IFC Certification Operations
  • Professional Certification:BIM Ability Certification Operations